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What is Leak Detection?
Leak Detection is a specialised method of finding leaks that is not visible to the human eye, Its done with unique skills honed over years of practise combined with cutting edge technology, Saving water has its limitations, the only exact science available to us is making use of military x- ray equipment that attracts very high costs. Thus we use the equipment available at hand in order to keep costs to a minimum. In order for us to use the equipment to its optimum performance the following protocols needs to be adhered to.

1. Use of Water:

NO water can be used at all during the leak detection process, If it is found that any person under the employ directly or indirectly or any person on the property opens a tap, valve or flushes a toilet, the leak detection process will start over and the cost will double each time this happens, It is the owner/ client’s responsibility to enforce the above.

2. Maintenance

Leaking taps, valves or general maintenance that interferes with leak detection needs to be repaired first before an accurate leak detection survey can be completed. Leak Trace and Plumbing will supply the owner/ client with a quote on site of such repairs, Should the owner / client choose to use another contractor to do such repairs, 50% of the leak detection is payable immediately and Leak Trace and Plumbing will return on completion of the maintenance and leak detection will proceed with the balance invoiced on completion.

3. Individual Leaks

Only one leak can be detected at a time, a new leak detection will be charged for each new leak found, the reason for this is not financial but for a more accurate reading as the tracer gas used for the leak detection escapes out of the biggest hole there for that leak needs to be repaired before another leak can be found.

4. Damage to Utilities and Property

Any damages to any utilities, surfaces, tiles, plants or any loss or damage incurred during leak detection is for the cost to the owner / client.

5. Blockages

Gas pumped into the pipes often loosens dirt and corrosion during leak detection and collects in tap aerators and PRV’s, Leak Trace and Plumbing will clean these valves at their discretion for an extra cost of R350 per Hour.

6. Drilling Of Pilot Holes and Excavations

To allow Tracer Gas to be detected its sometimes necessary for Leak Trace and Plumbing to drill pilot holes in paving, grout lines and other surfaces. It could even be necessary to excavate and remove tiles, paving bricks or other surfaces in order to locate the position of services and leaking pipes. Leak Trace and Plumbing assumes the necessary permission has been granted by the owner /client. Leak Trace and Plumbing will however do everything in its power to minimize the excavations and probing to keep costs to a minimum as this is the main purpose of leak detection.

7. Noise

Leak Trace and Plumbing requests that all appliances generating noise to be turned off during Leak Detection, as noise interferes with the delicate equipment and needs to be eliminated as much as possible.

8. Receiving Reports

Please note that reports will be issued within 48Hours after payment has been received.

9. Equipment

Should any of Leak Trace and Plumbing get stuck or trapped in any of the services Leak Trace and Plumbing will be allowed to do the necessary excavations in order to retrieve our equipment; Leak Trace and Plumbing will not be liable for any costs during or after the retrieval process.

10. Deposits
50% deposit is required on jobs greater than R 3000 and work will only amend once payment is received, any cancellation after deposit has been paid will be lost due to inconvience to Leak Trace and Plumbing.

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